ULTER Company is a manufacturer of caps in existence since 1990. From the beginning of our manufacturing activity we produced knitwear. In 2003 we expanded our offer with products from flat STOLL machines: caps and scarves.

We have a wide range of products of our own design and make but we also cater to and fulfil individual orders.

Our priories are delivering a high quality product and customer satisfaction.

Czapki Ulter - producent

We manufacture caps from various types of imported yarns, starting with natural light and warm alpaca and merino wool, through soft cotton, to synthetic acrylic yarns and fantasy yarns. Some caps are enriched with artificial fur of Italian origin.

We provide a wide catalogue of colour palettes for yarns, but we also dye yarns in strictly fixed colours. This results in caps of both toned and intensive bold colours.

Some of the caps are lined with polar fleece with a “No-wind” windproof and moisture-wicking membrane of different thickness. Thus the head is perfectly protected against heat loss caused by high winds, working well even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Thanks to using the most modern machines for our production we are able to perform any model of cap. Our skilled seamstresses ensure that the final product is always carefully tailored and complies with our excessively high standard of quality.

We Offer:

  • Women’s Caps
  • Men’s Caps
  • Youth Caps
  • Kid’s Caps